Animal Kororo Video game Review

If you like marvel games, you might enjoy Pet Kororo. Similar to games roms for psp just like Bejeweled and PuzzleQuest, this involves matching pairs of identical objects. You must guarantee that your meet will create an identical pair ahead of the next creature appears within the screen. The game requires you to have touch handles to play.

The overall game features a unique touchscreen interface and bunnies as the main topic. In order to succeed, you must steer clear of colliding when using the other bunnies and make sure that each rabbit is in it is section. If you miss, the bunnies will minimize rolling and won’t be able to reach their goal.

Some other feature for the game is usually its design. You can purchase items to enhance your kororo’s home. The overall game also allows you to play a mode where you could set a time limit about how long you may complete a level. The next time you play, make sure to complete each level in a placed time.

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